Various FARRs and DRESSERs

Algernon SS Farr Miles Farr Martha Dresser Farr
Algernon S S FARR 1820-1909 Miles FARR 1822-1905 Martha DRESSER Farr 1832-1899
A C Farr Allena Farr Cole Cleora L Farr
A C (Allerton Cushman) FARR 1863-1918 Allena FARR Cole 1866-1932 Cleora L FARR 1874-1955
A W Farr Mildred Farr Haddock Marion Farr Kleimeir
A W (Atherton Winfield) FARR 1864-1957 Mildred FARR Haddock 1900-1998 Marion FARR Kleemeier 1903-
Four Farrs Curtis and Kenneth Farr
Left to right: Althea, Marion, Donald, and Mildred FARR, children of A W FARR ca 1904 Curtis 1931-2000 and
Kenneth "Nick" 1932- FARR

Julia Evelyn Dresser Helen Dresser James and Eva Dresser
Julia Evelyn DRESSER 1885-1970 Helen Marion Dresser 1850?-???? "James and Eva Dresser
61st Anniversary, 7 May 1951"

To briefly explain the relationships:

Martha Dresser Farr, wife of Miles Farr, who is brother to Algernon S S Farr. Note the links to Algernon S S Farr - he was a leading citizen of Springfield, Illinois, and the Morgan Area Genealogical Association of Illinois has published a picture and brief bio of him on their site.

A C Farr, A W Farr, Allena Farr Cole (wife of Doctor E M Cole) and Cleora Farr are all children of Martha Dresser Farr and Miles Farr. There was another brother, Leon Farr who died young.

Mildred Farr Haddock and Marion Farr Kleemeier are daughters of Atherton Winfield Farr. They also appear in the picture of four children in the bottom row. In addition, they had five other brothers and sisters. Curtis and Kenneth Farr are sons of Clifford Farr, son of Atherton Farr. This was the first professional picture their parents had taken.

Jim Holmes, the son of Althea FARR Holmes, contributed family pictures from the 1950s. You can see what some of the Farrs in the last two rows look like later on.

Julia Evelyn Dresser is the grandniece of Martha Dresser Farr. Helen Dresser is as yet not positively identified. James Hunt Dresser (1865 - aft 1951) is the second son of Martha Dresser Farr's brother, Levi Dresser. James Dresser and Eva Bass (1867 - aft 1951) were married 7 May 1890 in Hermon, New York.

Farr gravestone Several of these people are buried in the cemetery in East DeKalb, New York. Click on the headstone to find more information about them.

The DRESSER family had its origins in Goshen, Massachusetts. The FARRs were by and large born in DeKalb, New York. If you have or want any information about this family, I'd like to hear from you. The pictures above are screen-resolution .jpgs. If you're interested in getting copies of the pictures in other file types or higher resolution, I can make them available.

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