This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Grant. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Name Birth
Alex [I2401]  
Alexander [I654] 1880
Angus C [I661] 1893-04-10
Ann Elizabeth [I655]  
Barbara [I1112]  
Bill [I1104]  
Catherine Ann [I663] 1899-09-26
Christina [I2932]  
Colin Angus [I659] 1889
Dan [I658] 1887
Daniel [I2699] SAY 1860
David [I1117]  
Doreen [I666]  
Edmund [I1116]  
Edmund [I1114]  
Edward [I1100]  
Eileen [I1118]  
Helen [I1121]  
Helen [I1108]  
James [I2258]  
James Francis [I664] 1904
John [I1109]  
John [I1111]  
John [I950]  
John [I649]  
John [I651] about 1847
John A [I657] 1887
John J [I2968]  
John William [I1169] 1949
Kathleen [I2180] SAY 1883
Kathy [I1105]  
Lorraine [I1119]  
Mary [I652]  
Mary Catherine [I662] 1895-10-22
Roary [I653]
Roderick Francis [I665] 1910-01-08
Sarah Jane [I2969]  
Susan [I1107]  
William [I1180]  
William [I1181] 1854-12-10
William [I650] 1849
William [I1102] 1918-07-09
William John [I660]