This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Chisholm. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Name Birth
Alexander [I2895] 1832-10-10
Alexander [I2917] 1899-08-11
Alexander [I2891] 1855-11-12
Alexander, (Brook) [I2880] 1815-08-01
Alexander "Sandy" [I2633]  
Ann [I2889] 1850-11-30
Anne [I2973]  
Barbara [I2912]  
Catherine [I2268]  
Catherine [I2892] 1858-05-10
Catherine [I3151]  
Catherine C [I2433] 1917-09-28
Catherine E [I2900] 1884-02-09
Cecelia [I2904]  
Christopher "Eugene" [I2609] 1918-12-28
Donald [I1007]  
Donald [I2888] 1848-07-16
Dorothy [I2887] 1846-07-12
Elizabeth Ann [I2905] about 1936
Elizabeth Ann [I2899] 1881-04-11
Evelyn [I1006]  
Hugh Austin [I2894] 1862-12-21
Janet [I3037]  
Janet [I2412]  
Jean [I2908]  
John [I2898] 1878-09-06
John [I896]
John [I897]  
John [I2632]  
John Charles [I2697] 1933-06-28
Jolene [I1008]  
Jovita [I2903]  
Kenneth [I2695]  
Loyola [I2610]  
Margaret [I2901] 1888-06-00
Margaret [I2916] 1897-07-20
Margaret Rose [I2906]  
Marie [I2437]  
Mark [I2911]  
Mary [I656] 1867
Mary [I2890] 1853-05-18
Mary [I2897] 1876-10-28
Mary Ann [I2893] 1860-10-28
Roderick [I2886] 1844-12-25
Roderick Alexander [I2972]  
Roderick D [I2902] 1890-06-26
Samuel [I2918]  
Sarah [I2303] 1882
Veronica [I2909]  
Wilfred [I2907]  
William [I2896] 1874-10-13
William Alexander [I2631] 1885