This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of McDonnell. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Name Birth
Alex [I2839] 1827-06-16
Alexander [I2625] 1789-01-00
Alexander [I2823] 1855-02-02
Alexander [I2833]  
Allan [I2841] 1838
Allen Joseph [I2826]  
Angus [I2825] about 1868
Angus P [I3044]  
Ann [I2844]  
Annie [I2827]  
Archy [I2834] 1832
Basil [I3043]  
Catherine [I2270]  
Cecelia [I3046]  
Colin [I3039]  
Colin F [I2853] 1879-12-24
Dan [I2822]  
Dan R [I2851] 1868-02-02
Don D [I2855] 1886-04-08
Donald [I2623] 1753-05-00
Donald [I2832] 1833
Hugh Allan [I3041]  
J Vincent [I2856] 1889-01-01
James [I376]  
Jane [I3045]  
John [I2842] 1842-12-16
John [I2852] 1875
John [I2271]  
John A [I3038]  
John Archibald [I2824] 1862
Leo [I3042]  
Margaret [I2845]  
Mary [I2828]  
Mary [I2843] about 1820
Mary E [I2953] 1869-03-00
May [I2857]  
Ronald [I2253]  
Sam [I2835] 1834
Simon [I2854]  
Winnie [I3047]