This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of MacDonald. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Name Birth
A D [I2452]  
Alex [I2741]  
Alexander [I2285]  
Alexander [I2156] 1847
Allan [I2461]  
Allan [I2413]  
Allan [I2394]  
Allan [I2742]  
Allan [I2797]  
Allan [I2389]  
Allan [I2795]  
Allan A [I2438] 1920-08-21
Allister S [I2877]  
Andrew [I1041] 1825
Angus [I2430] 1883
Angus [I2388]  
Angus [I2411]  
Angus H [I2970]  
Ann [I2404]  
Ann [I2416]  
Annette [I2449]  
Annie [I1099]
Annie [I2613] 1863
Anthony [I2744] 1915
Archie [I2396]  
Austin [I2421]  
Bernie [I2462]  
Catherine [I2391]  
Catherine [I2463]  
Catherine [I2652]  
Catherine [I1168]
Catherine Isabel [I2451]  
Christine [I3093] 1924
Clarence [I2422]  
Colin [I2420]  
Colin Francis [I2424] 1880
Colin Francis [I2440] 1923-05-21
D J [I2431]  
Dan [I2399]  
Dan A [I2614] 1872
Dan S [I2618] 1855
Daniel [I1058]  
Daniel [I2459]  
Daniel A [I2989] 1897
Daniel Joseph [I2990] 1929
Donald [I2408] 1830
Donald [I2933] 1841
Donald [I2390]  
Donald [I824]  
Donald J [I2999] SAY 1929
Duncan [I2423]  
Duncan [I2798]  
Duncan Joseph [I2432] 1910-04-20
Elizabeth [I2794]  
Elizabeth Janette [I2971]  
Ellen [I2620] 1891
Eva [I2195] 1868
Florence "Mae" [I2443] between 1915-12-00 and 1916-11-00
George Archibald [I2441] 1925
Hugh [I2796]  
Jane [I2287]  
Janet [I2959] 1831
Jannet [I2913] 1863-10-23
Jean [I2453]  
Jenneth [I2645] 1807
Jerome [I2436]  
Jim Andy [I2847]  
John [I2612] 1864
John Angus [I2434] 1912-06-06
John Archie [I2460]  
John Colin [I2622]
John L [I2426] 1877
Joseph [I2425] 1875
Lauchlin [I483]  
Marcella [I2419]  
Marcella [I2402]  
Margaret [I2400]  
Margaret [I2418]  
Margaret Mary [I2445]  
Marie K [I1060]  
Mary [I934] about 1776
Mary [I2398]  
Mary [I2791]  
Mary [I2428] 1872
Mary [I2606] 1849
Mary [I2157] SAY 1875
Mary [I2647] 1843
Mary [I1012]  
Mary [I2392]  
Mary Agnes [I1020]  
Mary Margaret [I2455]  
Michael Raymond [I1059]  
Roberta [I2457]  
Sam [I2386]  
Sam [I2621] 1894
Sam [I2406] 1826
Samuel [I2914] 1823
Sarah Ann [I2311]  
Teresa [I2447]  
Thomas [I2415]