Farr of East DeKalb, New York - some genealogy

  1. The Ancestors of Czarina FARR - done some time ago for a correspondent
  2. The Ancestors of Joe Makowiec - August 2001 - .pdf; 164K; includes Cole, Farr, Dresser and Cushman lines
  3. The Descendants of Vesta Cushman - April 2003 - .pdf; 65K
  4. The Descendants of James Farr - April 2003 - .pdf; 39K
  5. Family Group Sheet for Mary Farr and James Hayes 2nd - January 2002 - .pdf, 10K

Note the LYONS line in The Ancestors of Joe Makowiec comes from Ancestral File (AF), and yes, I know just how accurate AF can be at times, but it was my first and best break on this line, and I haven't had time to get back and do better research on it. Also, The Ancestors of Joe Makowiec and The Descendants of James Farr list a "Urilla" FARR 1829-1850 (male); I've recently found out from census returns that it might be "Marilla" FARR (female). More when it's better researched.

Some pictures:

  1. Farr/Dresser Picture Page - from Joe
  2. Farr Gravesite, East DeKalb Cemetery
  3. Gravestone of Susanah FARR McMonagle (1828-1908) and her daughter Katie McMONAGLE Thompson (1851-1876) - .jpg file, 44K

The Morgan Area Genealogical Association of Illinois has graciously posted a picture and biography of Algernon SS Farr, who lived in Springfield, Illinois.

Added information:

  1. There is some discussion about the last name of Elizabeth Ann [something] Farr, wife of James FARR Jr. In the Agernon FARR obit above her name is given as "a Miss Elsen"; in other documents, it is listed as St LAWRENCE. I recently came across a transcription Cleora FARR did of a sampler worked by Elizabeth Ann Farr. Click on the thumbnail below to see the whole thing.
  2. I've recently heard from cousin Jerry Farr with some added information, and discovered a HAYES line in East DeKalb. This information is making its way into my database. What I have is included in the above update.

Cleora Farr NoteClick on the image (left) to see a larger (and hopefully legible) version of Cleora's note. (.jpg - 59k) Or, if you like, the image can be downloaded at http://makowiec.org/farr/cleoraNote.jpg. Or e-mail me and request a high-res version (~300k).


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