This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Cameron. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Name Birth
(Mary) Agnes [I849] 1893-07-09
Alex [I680]  
Alex [I838] 1871-02-08
Alexander [I1016]  
Alexander [I938]  
Alexander [I3094] 1922?
Alexander [I759] 1843
Alexander [I331] 1814
Alexander [I199]  
Alexander [I2186] 1907-11-04
Alexander [I348] SAY 1805
Alexander Hugh [I2876] 1873-06-03
Alexander L [I3136] about 1915
Allan [I677]  
Allan [I749] 1873
Allan [I912]  
Allan [I329]  
Allan [I989]  
Allan [I939] 1831
Allan [I197]  
Allan [I876]  
Allan [I977]  
Allan [I181] 1774-11-06
Allan [I180] 1854
Allan, MD [I741]  
Allan Joseph [I2184] 1903-12-07
Allen Dan [I1013]  
Alvin [I3107]  
Ambrose [I3095] 1924
Angeline Beatrice [I2867] 1896-04-15
Angus [I196]  
Angus [I2246] 1841
Angus [I397]  
Angus [I829] 1834
Angus [I771]  
Angus [I919] 1866-09-12
Angus [I839] 1873-04-28
Angus [I492] 1843-12-18
Angus D [I764] 1851
Angus Earl [I2864] 1891-12-28
Angus Joseph [I1011]  
Angus Simon [I2249] 1835-04-16
Ann [I900]  
Ann [I334]  
Ann [I2278]  
Ann [I384]
Ann [I862]  
Ann [I2152]
Ann [I381]
Ann [I2252]  
Ann [I684] 1835
Ann Isabel [I1024]  
Ann Jane [I2326] 1880-09-24
Anna Beatrice [I2865] 1893-08-24
Annabel [I46] 1883-06-29
Annabelle [I1018]  
Annie [I169]  
Annie [I807]
Annie [I744] 1848-04-11
Annie [I951] 1873
Archy [I944] 1861
Aubrey [I2309] SAY 1923
Bella [I746]  
Bella [I920] 1862-12-01
Cassie [I910]  
Cassie [I2224]  
Catherine [I832]  
Catherine [I805] 1851
Catherine [I864]  
Catherine [I342] SAY 1798
Catherine [I364]
Catherine [I681]  
Catherine [I2327] 1882-04-24
Catherine [I821]
Catherine [I2330] 1887-03-21
Catherine [I769]  
Catherine [I377]
Catherine [I760]  
Catherine [I1032]  
Catherine [I2254]  
Catherine [I194]  
Catherine [I970]  
Catherine (Kate) [I170] 1852
Catherine Anne [I858] 1866-09-13
Catherine Mary [I2190] 1916-08-11
Charles Henry [I1002] 1879-05-14
Charles Hugh [I489]  
Charles William [I1022] SAY 1938
Christena [I999] 1887-06-25
Christina Catherine [I1019] 1893
Christy [I901] 1850
Christy [I2154]
Christy [I916]  
Christy [I341] SAY 1795
Christy [I827]
Christy [I742]  
Christy [I833]  
Christy [I761]  
Clarence [I2991]  
Clarence Woods [I2993] 1953
Clarita [I2608] 1926
Colin F [I875]  
Colina Frances [I859] 1881-06-22
Corrine [I3103]  
Dan [I911]  
Dan [I2250]  
Dan [I679]  
Dan [I198]  
Dan [I840] 1875-10-28
Dan [I914] 1849-02-10
Danel [I1003] about 1892
Daniel Joseph [I3109] 1923
Donald [I493] 1840
Donald [I873]  
Donald [I988]  
Donald [I801]
Donald [I340] 1796
Donald [I819]
Donald Alexander [I1026] about 1921
Donald Allan [I164]
Dougald [I487]  
Dougald [I343] SAY 1797
Dougald [I671]  
Dougald [I323]
Dougald [I765]  
Dougald [I188]
Dougald [I494] 1854-01-30
Dougald [I330]  
Dougald [I338] 1802-08-30
Dougald [I800]
Dougall [I393]
Dougall Henry [I2868] 1898-03-28
Dougall Henry [I2869] 1900-04-03
Duncan [I948] 1869
Duncan [I820]
Duncan [I350] SAY 1807
Duncan Francis [I2189] 1914-07-11
Ellen [I2256]  
Ewan [I1036] 1786-01-18
Flora [I949] 1862
Flora [I986]  
Genevieve [I1023]  
Gordon [I3106]  
Gordon Alphonsus [I2302] 1921-01-03
Hugh [I837] 1866-05-29
Hugh [I874]  
Hugh [I737]  
Hugh [I803]
Hugh [I831] 1836-03-18
Hugh [I990]  
Hugh [I186] between 1801 and 1809
Hugh [I763]  
Hugh [I973]  
Hugh [I325] 1771
Hugh [I347] 1806
Hugh [I365]
Hugh Ambrose [I2187] 1909-10-24
Isabel [I3096] 1925
Isabella [I913] 1811
Isabella [I766]
Ishabel [I867]  
James [I945]
James [I187] 1801
Jane [I745] 1857-09-30
Jane [I176]  
Jane [I985]  
Jane [I185] 1810
Jane [I972]  
Jane [I195]  
Jane [I866]  
Jane [I674] 1815
Jane [I333]  
Jane [I349] SAY 1811
Jane [I1014]  
Jane [I682]  
Janet [I178] 1866-06-05
Janet [I956] 1837
Janet [I370]
Janet [I192]  
Janet [I983]  
Janet [I804]
Janet [I968] 1846
Janet [I963]
Janet [I683] 1850
Janet Agnes [I2988] 1901
Janet Eunice [I855] 1866-09-13
Janice Anne [I3013] 1957
Joe [I947]  
Joey [I3108]  
John [I798] 1804
John [I755]  
John [I669]  
John [I750] 1876-12-14
John [I739] 1839-11-17
John [I877]  
John [I2334] 1883-06-22
John [I740]  
John [I183]
John [I200]  
John [I327] 1781-11-25
John [I374]
John [I54] 1827-02-16
John [I962]
John [I915]  
John [I2251]  
John [I360] 1825
John [I975]  
John A [I953] 1872-03-08
John Alexander [I854] 1869-10-03
John Alexander [I2875] 1870-01-08
John Alexander Hugh [I853] 1878-04-22
John Angus [I394] 1883-07-10
John Angus [I845] 1887-05-04
John Archie [I2185] 1906-01-01
John C [I2703]  
John Cecil [I2308] between 1914-03-17 and 1915-03-16
John D [I369]
John F [I2628] 1886
John Floyd [I1029]  
John J, MD [I768] 1861
John Joseph [I946] 1866
Joseph [I772]  
Josephine Ina Louise [I2861] 1883-04-23
Katharine Viola [I2866] 1894-07-14
Katie [I958]  
Katie Ann [I2329] 1888-07-10
Katie Ann [I841] 1868-03-25
Kay [I2994]  
Kenneth [I2987] 1870
Lachlan [I332]  
Lachlan [I326] 1784-05-30
Lachlan [I359] 1813
Lachlan [I802]
Lachlan [I366]
Lachlan [I346] 1830-09-09
Lachy [I2244] 1836
Lachy Hugh [I836] 1865
Lauchlan [I738] 1837
Lauchlin [I770]  
Lauchlin [I756]  
Lauchlin [I672]  
Lauchy [I678]  
Lauchy [I878]  
Laura [I860] 1884-03-22
Lister Hugh, DDS [I2197] 1898
Lochlan [I1031]  
Lochlan [I184] after 1812
Lorainne [I3105]  
Mabel Laurdell [I2862] 1889-03-30
Maggie [I2238]  
Maggie [I908]  
Maggie [I167]  
Maggie [I987]  
Maggie Jane [I848] 1891
Margaret [I390] 1877
Margaret [I971]  
Margaret [I865]  
Margaret [I379] 1835
Margaret [I954]  
Margaret [I757] 1838
Margaret [I806]
Margaret [I385]
Margaret [I823]
Margaret Ann [I1017] 1878-03-09
Margaret Ann [I1049] 1869-04-19
Margaret Bernardine [I1030]  
Margaret Lydia [I856]
Marguerite A [I3097]  
Marion [I392]
Marion Teresa [I2630] 1931
Marjorie [I336] 1879
Mary [I335] 1818
Mary [I339] 1800
Mary [I984]  
Mary [I904]  
Mary [I2332] 1885-03-17
Mary [I193]  
Mary [I1000] 1886
Mary [I175]  
Mary [I863]  
Mary [I673]  
Mary [I2280]  
Mary [I361]
Mary [I762]  
Mary [I375]
Mary [I2153]
Mary [I386]
Mary [I743]  
Mary [I2257]  
Mary [I1015]  
Mary [I2234]  
Mary [I351] SAY 1808
Mary [I969]  
Mary [I171]  
Mary [I825]
Mary Agnes [I2467] 1907
Mary Ann [I2188] 1912-06-14
Mary Ann [I168]  
Mary Bell [I847] 1889
Mary Florence [I1027]  
Mary Isabel [I857] 1867-08-12
Mary Isabella [I906] 1860
Mary Jane [I907] 1862
Mary M. Jane (?) [I2328] 1892-08-25
Mona [I2198] SAY 1900
Nancy [I352] 1826
Owen [I1025]  
Owen J, MD [I2196] 1895
Patricia [I2995]  
Raymond Joseph [I2307] 1913
Rena Myrtle [I2863] 1890-08-20
Rita [I2304] SAY 1919
Ronald [I976]  
Ronald [I670]  
Ronald [I485] after 1843
Ronald Leo [I1021]  
Sadie [I773]
Sarah [I767]  
Sarah [I2235]  
Sarah [I391]
Sarah [I758]  
Sarah [I843] 1877-10-28
Sarah Ann [I2191] 1919-04-07
Sarah Ann [I846] 1886-10-02
Sarah Ceceila [I850] 1895-08-10
Sine [I324]
Theresa Gerardine [I1028] 1925
William Dunmore [I879] 1852
William J [I1001] 1884-02-15
William Lauchlin [I2870] 1901-07-30
Yvonne [I3104]  
Zephyrin Alexander Baptist [I2878] 1886-08-14
Zina Evangeline [I2199] 1899