History of Antigonish, Volumes: 2

Author Johnston, (Rev) A(ngus) A(nthony); others
Publication information Casket Printing and Publishing Company, Antigonish, Nova Scotia, 1974
Abbreviation History of Antigonish


Two volumes; v. 1 is articles and is indexed; v. 2 is footnotes(!). Authors are Rev. AA Johnston, Ronald MacGillivray, and Charles Joseph MacGillivray. Editor is Ray MacLean of the history department of St. FX. Presently (2004) available in a single book containing both volumes. Ray MacLean died Mar 2004.


  1. Cameron, Alex [I680]
  2. Cameron, Angus [I919]
  3. Cameron, Hugh [I737]
  4. MacGillivray, Charles Joseph [I2204]