Parish registers, Saint Andrews, Record Type: Birth, marriage and death handwritten registers, Subject: Records, Saint Andrew’s Church, Parish: Saint Andrew's

Publication information Saint Andrews, Nova Scotia
Abbreviation Saint Andrew's parish registers


Electronic copy in possession of Joe Makowiec; obtained from Archie Mills 11 November 2007. Electronic copy is not presently for publication.


  1. Boyd, Sarah [I388]
  2. Cameron, (Mary) Agnes [I849]
  3. Cameron, Alexander [I759]
  4. Cameron, Alexander [I331]
  5. Cameron, Angus [I829]
  6. Cameron, Catherine [I2330]
  7. Cameron, Dan [I840]
  8. Cameron, Donald Allan [I164]
  9. Cameron, Dougald [I188]
  10. Cameron, Dougald [I800]
  11. Cameron, John [I2334]
  12. Cameron, John [I183]
  13. Cameron, John Angus [I394]
  14. Cameron, John Angus [I845]
  15. Cameron, Katie Ann [I2329]
  16. Cameron, Lachlan [I332]
  17. Cameron, Lachlan [I802]
  18. Cameron, Lachlan [I366]
  19. Cameron, Lachlan [I346]
  20. Cameron, Margaret Ann [I1017]
  21. Cameron, Mary [I2332]
  22. Cameron, Mary [I375]
  23. Cameron, Mary M. Jane (?) [I2328]
  24. Cameron, Sarah Ceceila [I850]
  25. Fraser, Lauchlin C [I2321]
  26. Fraser, Margaret [I383]
  27. Fraser, Mary Ann [I2323]
  28. Gillis, Angus Alex [I2336]
  29. Gillis, Ann [I2331]
  30. Gillis, Christy [I2333]
  31. Gillis, Margaret [I2319]
  32. Harrington, Mary [I2335]
  33. MacGillivray, Christy [I810]
  34. MacGillivray, Mary [I978]
  35. McDonald, Ann [I191]
  36. McDonald, Catherine [I165]
  37. McDonald, Mary [I899]
  38. McDonnell, James [I376]
  39. McFarlane, Margaret [I918]
  40. McIsaac, Mary [I368]
  41. McIsaac, Mary [I790]
  42. McLellan, Catherine [I813]
  43. McPherson, Sarah [I834]