Cameron, Mary

Birth Name Cameron, Mary
Gramps ID I351
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth SAY 1808 Lower South River, Antigonish, Nova Scotia,,,  


date is a guess to give him his proper place in the family according to DOF



Father Cameron, Hugh [I325]
Mother Gillis, Margaret [I337]
  1. Cameron, Duncan [I350]
  2. Cameron, Christy [I341]
  3. Cameron, Dougald [I338]
  4. Cameron, Mary [I339]
  5. Cameron, John [I798]
  6. Cameron, Jane [I349]
  7. Cameron, Hugh [I347]
  8. Cameron, Alexander [I348]
  9. Cameron, Nancy [I352]
  10. Cameron, Dougald [I343]
  11. Cameron, Donald [I340]
  12. Cameron, Catherine [I342]


Attribute/ Type Value Notes Sources
REFN 351


Source References

  1. Drummer on Foot [S71]
    1. Page: pp 47-8


  1. Cameron, Hugh
    1. Gillis, Margaret
      1. Cameron, Christy
      2. Cameron, Donald
      3. Cameron, Dougald
      4. Cameron, Catherine
      5. Cameron, Mary
      6. Cameron, Dougald
      7. Cameron, John
      8. Cameron, Alexander
      9. Cameron, Hugh
      10. Cameron, Duncan
      11. Cameron, Mary
      12. Cameron, Jane
      13. Cameron, Nancy