Cameron, Catherine

Birth Name Cameron, Catherine [1a]
Also Known As McLellan [1a]
Gramps ID I2254
Gender female


Father Cameron, Dougald [I671]
Mother McDonald, Catherine [I2241]
  1. Cameron, John [I2251]
  2. Cameron, Mary [I2257]
  3. Cameron, Ellen [I2256]
  4. Cameron, Lachy [I2244]
  5. Cameron, Angus Simon [I2249]
  6. Cameron, Dan [I2250]
  7. Cameron, Angus [I2246]
  8. Cameron, Ann [I2252]


Married Husband McLellan, Hugh [I2255]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage 1883-01-09 Saint Joseph's, Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada,,  


Aurora cited for date and place

[1a] [2a]


Attribute/ Type Value Notes Sources
REFN 2254


Source References

  1. Drummer on Foot [S71]
    1. Page: p 63
  2. The Aurora Deaths & Marriages 1881-1885, Url: s1881-1885.html [S322]
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  1. Cameron, Dougald
    1. McDonald, Catherine
      1. Cameron, Dan
      2. Cameron, John
      3. Cameron, Ann
      4. Cameron, Catherine
        1. McLellan, Hugh
      5. Cameron, Ellen
      6. Cameron, Mary
      7. Cameron, Angus Simon
      8. Cameron, Lachy
      9. Cameron, Angus