Cameron, Margaret Lydia

Birth Name Cameron, Margaret Lydia [1a]
Also Known As Saint Hugh CND [2a]

    Saint Bernard's Convent, Antigonish

Gramps ID I856
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources


No hard evidence of her date of birth, but she is listed between Alexander Hugh and John Alexander Hugh, which would put her about 1876



Father Cameron, Hugh [I831]
Mother McKinnon, Eunice [I851]
  1. Cameron, Alexander Hugh [I2876]
  2. Cameron, Colina Frances [I859]
  3. Cameron, Catherine Anne [I858]
  4. Cameron, Laura [I860]
  5. Cameron, Mary Isabel [I857]
  6. Cameron, John Alexander [I2875]
  7. Cameron, Zephyrin Alexander Baptist [I2878]
  8. Cameron, Janet Eunice [I855]
  9. Cameron, John Alexander Hugh [I853]
  10. Cameron, John Alexander [I854]


Attribute/ Type Value Notes Sources
REFN 856


Source References

  1. Mabou Pioneers Volume I [S268]
    1. Page: p 268
  2. Drummer on Foot [S71]
    1. Page: p 51


  1. Cameron, Hugh
    1. McKinnon, Eunice
      1. Cameron, Margaret Lydia
      2. Cameron, Janet Eunice
      3. Cameron, Catherine Anne
      4. Cameron, Mary Isabel
      5. Cameron, John Alexander
      6. Cameron, John Alexander
      7. Cameron, Alexander Hugh
      8. Cameron, John Alexander Hugh
      9. Cameron, Colina Frances
      10. Cameron, Laura
      11. Cameron, Zephyrin Alexander Baptist